My first tablet

In the year 2003 I had used this tablet in the university. I got the scripts as PDF and could make my notes. Digitization was not even a concept. With my bachelor thesis I was working on RFID. Today you pay with it at the cash desk. Wow, those were still times.
I had used the Tablet/Notebook until 2010, when the iPad came out.

The device still runs like an old VW Beetle 😉

New NAS system with Raspberry Pi 4

Meanwhile I got a Raspberry PI 4 and built a new NAS system. Here I installed a Debian Buster Lite and connected a Seagate 5TB 2.5″ hard disk. (Picture shows a WD HDD as test system) With Samba I also have access from a Windows computer. The speed is very good. I can transfer about 75MB/s over the network. So far the heat development is eye-catching and is monitored it.