How to Enable Tab Groups in Microsoft Edge

Source: How to Enable and Use Tab Groups in Chrome and Microsoft Edge – All Things How

If you’re using the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, you can enable ‘Tab Groups’ feature in it as well. Go to the address bar, type edge://flags and press enter. Then click on the ‘Search Flags’ box and type ‘Tab Groups’.

You can also directly type or paste edge://flags/#tab-groups in the address bar and hit enter to find the experimental flag quickly.

When you see the ‘Tab Groups’ flag on screen, click on the drop-down menu next to it and select Enabled.

Then click on the Restart button at the bottom of the screen to restart the browser and enable ‘Tab Groups’ feature in Edge.

The Tab Groups feature is very sophisticated and has been created to ease the user experience. So to that end, it’s implementation and usage is very simple.

Creating a New Tab Group

When you relaunch/restart your browser, there won’t be any noticeable changes. Start browsing and open a few tabs to see this feature in full action.

To create a tab group, right-click on a tab that you to group and select the ‘Add to New Group’ option from the context menu.

Creating a new tab group in Chrome and Edge browser

A new tab group will be created with a colored circle icon to the left of the tab. All tabs under this group will have the same colored boundary around them. Click on the colored circle to open the Tab Group menu. It will give you the option to name the tab group, choose a color of your choice for the group, launch a new tab in the group, close all tabs in the group, and even ungroup all tabs.

Finding a tab group in Chrome and Edge

Naming a Tab Group

To name the tab group, click on the colored circle in front of the first tab in the group. The group tab menu will open up. There will be a textbox at the top of the menu with a cursor blinking in it. Start typing whatever name you want to give to your group of tabs. The label that you give it will replace the colored circle next to the tabs.

Naming a group. The name appears where the colored circle used to be.

Changing Color of a Tab Group

Every time you create a new tab group, any tabs in that group will be given a color by default. You can change it to a color of your choice.

Click on the colored circle next to the tab and from the context menu that opens, choose the color you want. There are a total of 8 colors available at your disposal. Giving the tabs different colors helps in better organizing your tab groups. It also helps in differentiating between different tab groups if you don’t give the group a name.

Changing the color of a Tab Group in Chrome and Edge

Launching a New Tab in a Tab Group

To add a new tab to the group, click on the colored circle or the group label to open the tab group menu and select New tab in group option.

Adding a new tab to the group.

This will launch a new tab inside the tab group.

Adding an Open Tab to an Existing Tab Group

You can also add an existing open tab to a tab group. Right-click on the tab you want to add to an existing group and select the Add to Existing Group option from the context menu. You’ll see a list of all tab groups you’ve created. For groups that have a name, it will show the group label name. However, for tab groups that aren’t labeled, the name of the first tab in the group will be shown.

Click on the group you want to add the tab to and it will be added to the selected tab group.

Adding a tab to an existing group.

💡 You can also drag a tab to add it to an existing group
Drag the tab to the group you want it to be a part of, and release it when it has captured the color of the group, indicating it is now part of the group.

Removing a Tab from a Group

You can remove a tab from the group at any time feel like it doesn’t belong there. To remove a tab from a group, right-click on the tab that you want to remove and select ‘Remove from Group’ option.

Removing a tab from the group.

💡 The drag and release method works for removing a tab as well
Just drag the tab that you want to remove away from a group and release it once it is no longer enclosed in the color of the group. This will remove the tab from the group.

How to Ungroup a Tab Group

At any point, if you feel like you don’t want to group the tabs together, you can disband them. Click on the colored circle or the label of the group and select the ‘Ungroup’ option to separate all tabs in the group.

Click Ungroup to separate all the tabs in the group

Closing a Tab Group

Although you can close the individual tabs just like you close normal tab in the browser, you can also close the whole group together saving you the hassle of having to close all the tabs individually.

Click on the colored circle or the label of the group and select the ‘Close Group’ option to close all tabs in the group at once.

Select Close Group to close all the tabs in the group.

Arranging Tab Groups

You can also arrange the tabs within a group by dragging them in whichever order you want. The groups themselves can also be arranged. To arrange a group, place the cursor where the colored circle or the label is and then drag it and release it wherever you want.