OpenMediaVault – Upgrade 4 to 5

Source: OMV 5.0 – finally out! 🙂 – Seite 2 – General – openmediavault

I recommend following this post now for upgrades – Upgrade Scripts for non-interactive major release upgrades (2->3, 3->4, 4->5)

My Fileserver was running OpenMediaVault 4 for years and always received updates, but at some point a switch to 5 needs to happen. Here is a little guide on how to do that. At the same time, the underlying Debian was also updated. Now there is OpenMediaVault 6, but this is not final. Before following these instructions, you should perform a data backup.

wget -O - | sudo bash


apt-get purge openmediavault-omvextrasorg resolvconf
wget -O - | bash
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
omv-salt deploy run nginx
omv-salt deploy run phpfpm

apt-get install usrmerge

omv-confdbadm migrate conf 5.0.0