weather station with FRITZ!DECT 210, FRITZBOX, Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana

A spontaneous idea I wanted to realize in a weekend project and I did.
The idea was to read the temperature from the AVM FRITZ! DECT 210, which is located on the balcony, and to display it graphically.

Yes, I managed to do that with a little research.

In the following I present the entire setup

I have written a small Java program that uses the Quartz Framework to query the temperature via the Fritz!Box on the Fritz!Dect 210 on the balcony at certain intervals and writes it into a RabbitMQ queue.
Telegraf reads this from the RabbitMQ queue and writes it into the InfluxDB database.

In Grafana there is a dashboard that is visited by the user with a web browser. The dashboard displays the current temperature and its history.

Note: What was noticeable with the test runs is that Fritz!Dect 210 does not measure the temperature exactly and has various deviations. But I still think that’s okay.