Buy Me a Coffee

I love coffee and love to collect Starbucks cups. Due to the current situation travel is not possible and hope to expand my collection. If you find this website helpful, I would appreciate a donation. I would be happy about a feedback.

Temporary mail addresses

Not everyone wants to give away his mail address to be spammed with mails afterwards. For this I would like to introduce two providers. The procedure is as follows:

  1. visit website
  2. copy the generated mail address. Leave the web page open, because the mailbox is checked continuously.
  3. enter this address into the desired page
  4. in the mailbox comes a mail and look what is done with it.

The providers:

Temp Mail – Temporary Email (

Temporäre E-Mail – Einweg-Mail – Anonyme Mail (

My first tablet

In the year 2003 I had used this tablet in the university. I got the scripts as PDF and could make my notes. Digitization was not even a concept. With my bachelor thesis I was working on RFID. Today you pay with it at the cash desk. Wow, those were still times.
I had used the Tablet/Notebook until 2010, when the iPad came out.

The device still runs like an old VW Beetle 😉